Digital Declutter Diary: Day 1

One of the initial challenges of this experiment is getting folks comfortable with my new communication regime. The fact that I’ve decided to stop (regularly) carrying a mobile phone outside of work hours has already caused some consternation at home. And my decision to maintain stricter separation between work and personal contact numbers and hours is prompting questions of “how do I know which number to use when I call or text you?”

I have to admit that I wasn’t anticipating this particular issue.

It’s a funny thing, since I remember when we all had separate work and phone numbers. But I do recognize that I’m breaking the what’s become the normal pattern, and that means the burden on communicating this to others is on me. To that end I’ve updated the contact page of this site, and tomorrow I’m going to email a select group of folks with my updated contact info. It’ll be interesting to see what reactions I get…

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