Digital Declutter Diary: Day 2

I have to admit that the FOMO-factor in this declutter experiment is higher than expected. I was thinking that because I’d already suffered through the pain of leaving social media many months ago that I’d have an easier time with this.

A significant percentage of my FOMO anxiety relates to texts. Today I processed all my texts twice as planned … once about mid-morning and again before I finished up with work. But in between those sessions I did spend time wondering whether I was missing anything time-sensitive communication.

One person who texted me did end up calling when I didn’t respond to his text quickly. But in that case I would’ve had to respond to the text with a call anyway. And in another case a coworkers simply came by my office when she didn’t hear back from me immediately via text. One day of data certainly isn’t enough to make a strong judgement, but so far it seems like people are clever enough try multiple ways of getting my attention when they really need it.

Interestingly, I probably saved time and had higher quality interactions with both people than I would have if I’d responded to their queries instantly via text. And when I was in “batch processing mode” I had time to carefully think though my response to each text in the queue and give them all better-considered responses.

So my FOMO anxiety is totally unjustified so far. Intellectually I expected that, but that doesn’t change the embarrassing emotional reality that I feel the FOMO anyway.

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