Digital Declutter Diary: Day 4

Not too much to report from the weekend. Per my original plan I didn’t carry a phone with me either Saturday or Sunday, although I did compromise by keeping keeping my personal mobile phone in the car all weekend. I think that this represented a pretty nice compromise.

On the one hand, spending time at restaurants, trails, ski races, coffee shops, etc. sans phone is remarkably nice. It definitely helps me be much more “present” and less distracted in my life.

On the other hand, being able to coordinate with folks while I’m out of the house (although not while I’m driving!) is one of the real benefits of having a mobile phone. I don’t particularly want to give up the ability to call my wife from the grocery store, call for help if my car/bike breaks down, tell somebody if I’m running late for an appointment, etc.

And simply leaving the phone in the car allowed me to realize that advantage while still remaining phone-free the rest of the time.

My weapon of choice for the “car/bike” phone is a Nokia 3310:

It’s a great phone for the task, since it’s small, cheap, light, and has a batter that lasts for days.

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