Digital Declutter Diary: Day 7

Wow … I can’t believe that I’m one week in to the 30 day digital declutter already! The last couple of days have been super-busy. On Sunday I skied a 40k Tour of Anchorage cross-country ski race with my 13-year-old, and between prep, recovery, and coaching for Jr. Nordic on Saturday I didn’t find much time to write. And the last few days at work have been crazy.

I don’t really have a ton of time to write today either, but I did want to mention the fact that I’ve started to carry a weekly print edition of The Economist with me.

I simply keep in the same bag that holds my laptop and paper planner/notebook. It’s delightful way to keep informed, and the weekly format helps my escape the craziness of the 24-hour news cycle. I was originally intending to read it in a single sitting on Sunday morning, but I find that the “15 minutes here, 15 minutes there” method works well. And instead of spending time waiting at the dentist scanning headlines and reading summaries, I actually get time to digest the news in a much more in-depth format.

And I have just a few stray “one-week-in” observations before I sign off:

  1. The whole FOMO thing is subsiding.
  2. Folks have been remarkable supportive about the changes in my communications habits. I was expecting more pushback, but just the opposite has occurred.
  3. Not carrying a mobile phone most of the time has helped me be a lot more engaged in the moment, but on the downside I’m finding other people’s addictive phone behavior to be more frustrating.
  4. I’m finding that I now have a lot more time … in fact it’s enough that it’s simultaneously exhilarating and horrifying.
  5. The impact on my professional life has been 100% positive. I’m both more focused and more productive.
  6. The level of anxiety and stress in my life increased quite a bit for first three of four days of this experiment, but I’m new feeling less stress than usual in life. It’ll be interesting to see how that holds up over time…
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