Digital Declutter Diary: Day 8

One of the principles outlined in Digital Minimalism is the idea that you should use the time claimed by spending less time on digital distractions to pursue hobbies and leisure activities. I’ve certainly found quite a lot of new time, and I’m using some if it on this blog.

I’ve intentionally picked at “hand-on” tool for managing content. Specifically, I’m use the Hugo website development framework. It’s been a delight to use, and I’ve enjoyed flexing developer muscles that I haven’t used in years. I started with the Blackburn theme, and I’m working bit-by-bit to create my own iteration for this site. Once I have it working to my liking, I’m going to release it to the large Hugo community.

It’s not a huge project, but it’s certainly been enjoyable to do a bit of digital carpentry!

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